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Kansas City Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Kansas and Missouri Bicyclist Injury Attorney

Bicycles and motor vehicles have the same right to the road, but it's the cyclist who pays the price if an inattentive driver fails to see the bike until it's too late. All too often the result is life-threatening injury, permanent disability or death.

If your loved one was hit by a car while riding a bicycle, the law firm of Dempsey & Kingsland, P.C., works to maximize compensation for the substantial injuries and associated needs. Our veteran personal injury lawyers take serious bike injury cases throughout the Kansas City area in both Missouri and Kansas.

We extend a free consultation and urge you to contact us immediately so that we can preserve evidence and witness statements critical to your case.

Why Did the Bicycle Accident Happen?

Motorists will often claim that the cyclist was doing something wrong, such as crossing the street without the right of way or riding into traffic. We counter this blame-the-victim game through a prompt and thorough investigation. We look for witnesses and clues at the crash scene that the driver was solely or chiefly at fault:

  • Drove too fast in a residential area
  • Encroached on a bike lane or crosswalk
  • Sideswiped or cut off the cyclist
  • Turned left into a bike rider's path
  • Ran through a red light or stop sign
  • Opened a door without looking
  • Pulled out and struck the bike

Maximum Damages for Serious Injuries

Even with a helmet and padded clothing, cyclists suffer severe injuries from the collision with the car and the secondary impact with the pavement. We have represented clients with catastrophic injuries such as head injury, spinal cord injury, broken pelvis or crushed legs, as well as broken arms, face injuries and other lasting harm. We have also handled wrongful death lawsuits when children or adults died from their bike crash injuries.

We have every serious injury case reviewed by our physician and nurse consultants to gauge how bad the injuries are what needs the client and family will have in the future. We can bring in other experts to justify our claim for medical care, personal care, lost income and pain and suffering.

Contact Kansas City bicycle accident lawyers who can compel a fair settlement or take your case to a jury. Call 816-421-6868 for a free initial consultation at our Kansas City, Missouri, office. We can also visit clients at their home or hospital.

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The attorneys at Dempsey & Kingsland handle personal injury cases. If you have been seriously injured, contact a lawyer in Kansas City, Missouri at 816.421.6868 or visit http://www.dempseyandkingsland.com

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