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Kansas City Rear-End Collision Attorneys

Injured When Your Car Was Hit From Behind?

Rear-end collisions are almost always the fault of the driver behind. But proving liability is not the only reason you need an attorney. The serious injuries common in rear-impact crashes demand a separate investigation to ensure full compensation for the medical, economic and personal impacts.

At Dempsey & Kingsland, P.C., you are represented by experienced trial lawyers and assessed by our on-call medical experts. We will fight the insurance companies for the monetary damages you deserve after a rear-end accident caused by a negligent driver.

Call 816-421-6868 for a free consultation. We take cases throughout the Kansas City area in both Missouri and Kansas.

Kansas City Car Accident Attorneys: Rear-End Collisions

Lee Dempsey and Bob Kingsland have handled hundreds of auto accidents, including every scenario of rear-enders:

  • Hit from behind at a stoplight
  • Rear-ended in rush hour traffic
  • Slammed from the back while waiting to turn
  • Drunk drivers who never even hit the brakes

We also represent injured passengers of a negligent driver who caused a rear-end accident.

Rear-end crashes may be a chain reaction involving several drivers. Sometimes the following drivers will claim that the car in front cut them off, stopped suddenly for no good reason or had broken taillights. If necessary, we get witness statements or bring in professional investigators who can prove where the fault truly lies.

But the real value that Dempsey & Kingsland brings to your case is our ability to maximize the medical aspects of your settlement. We know that rear-end accidents commonly cause disabling back injuries, head trauma from striking the interior of the car, or "whiplash injury" that turns out to be a fractured vertebra or herniated disc in the neck.

We Work to Maximize Your Claim

We prepare our cases for trial in order to convince insurance companies to settle for a full and fair amount for future medical care, disability from work, and the pain and suffering. Contact us today for a free case evaluation, including home or hospital visits.

Kansas City Dempsey and Kingsland Personal Injury Attorney Video

The attorneys at Dempsey & Kingsland handle personal injury cases. If you have been seriously injured, contact a lawyer in Kansas City, Missouri at 816.421.6868 or visit http://www.dempseyandkingsland.com

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