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Kansas City Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Missouri Bike Crash Injury Attorneys

Motorcycle crashes rarely result in minor injuries. If your loved one was involved in a motorcycle accident, we're probably talking about a fatality or severe, disabling injuries.

That's where Dempsey & Kingsland comes in. Our experienced personal injury lawyers are skilled at proving negligence of the other driver and maximizing damages for clients who have suffered serious or catastrophic harm.

We have secured verdicts and settlements for motorcycle accident victims in the greater Kansas City area in both Missouri and Kansas. Call 816-421-6868 for a free consultation.

Winning the Blame Game

People assume that the "biker" was doing something wrong, but more likely an inattentive driver of a car or truck caused the wreck. We investigate promptly to preserve evidence and talk to witnesses. If necessary, we bring in professionals to measure skid marks, inspect the vehicles and reconstruct the accident to establish the motorist's negligence:

  • Running a stoplight or rolling through a stop sign
  • Turning left into a motorcyclist going straight
  • Pulling out or changing lanes without looking
  • Distracted driving or inattention

Full Compensation for Motorcycle Injuries

Trial attorneys Lee Dempsey and Bob Kingsland have 50-plus years of combined experience in motor vehicle accidents, and substantial results on behalf of clients who suffered catastrophic injuries. This acumen is especially valuable for motorcycle crash victims, who commonly suffer brain injury, spinal injuries, mangled limbs, a broken pelvis or other permanently disabling injury. We are aided in calculating the personal impact by two veteran medical professionals who work exclusively with our firm.

Our experience also makes a difference in locating insurance coverage for the ongoing medical and financial needs. If the client's motorcycle insurance and the other driver's liability insurance do not cover the losses, we have experience with uninsured/underinsured motorist litigation and claims against third parties.

We also represent:

Injured motorcycle passengers, including those who have no choice but to sue a family member or friend who was negligent as the operator
Victims of an ATV accident, in which there may a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer.

Kansas City Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Contact us day or night for a free consultation. We can visit the injured at their home or hospital in the K.C. area, and there are no attorney fees unless we recover compensation.

Kansas City Dempsey and Kingsland Personal Injury Attorney Video

The attorneys at Dempsey & Kingsland handle personal injury cases. If you have been seriously injured, contact a lawyer in Kansas City, Missouri at 816.421.6868 or visit http://www.dempseyandkingsland.com

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