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Benefits of Motorcycle Helmets

Missouri Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcycle helmets provide important benefits for riders and the best protection from head injuries in traffic accidents. Head injuries are the leading causes of death in motorcycle crashes, and un-helmeted motorcyclists are 40 percent more likely to suffer fatal head injuries, as well as 15 percent more likely to suffer nonfatal injuries, than helmeted motorcyclists when involved in crashes (according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

As attorneys who have handled many motorcycle accidents that have resulted in serious injuries and death, we highly recommend motorcycle helmets to all of our clients who ride bikes on a regular basis. At Dempsey & Kingsland, P.C., we also represent motorcyclists who have been harmed in accidents, as well as families who have lost their loved ones in fatal motorcycle accidents.

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Kansas City Helmet Use Attorneys

A study that was done by the University of Southern California, which analyzed more than 3,600 motorcycle crash reports, concluded that wearing a helmet was the most important factor in surviving motorcycle crashes. Helmets do not restrict a rider's ability to hear signals or to see vehicles in adjacent lanes and are required to provide a minimum level of protection.

While motorcyclists will always be at a disadvantage in accidents with cars, trucks and other large vehicles, helmets and other safety gear can limit the damage done in those accidents and can often save lives.

Speak with us at Dempsey & Kingsland to get answers to questions about the benefits of motorcycle helmets. We can provide referrals and resources for purchasing or learning more about helmet use in Missouri and Kansas. Call us at 816-421-6868 to schedule an appointment.

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