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Kansas City Truck Crash Attorneys: Failure to Yield

Failure to Stop or Yield as a Cause of Truck Accidents

Intersection crashes often become a he said/she said dispute about who was at fault. But in a collision with a big truck, the badly injured occupants of the car are usually in no shape to say what happened.

Dempsey & Kingsland, P.C., can step in if there is any doubt that the truck driver is responsible for a crash by failure to yield the right of way or failure to stop. Trial attorneys Lee Dempsey and Bob Kingsland have handled hundreds of motor vehicle accidents, including 18-wheeler wrecks and other truck or bus crashes.

For the aggressive representation you need to prove liability and maximize damages, contact us immediately for prompt investigation. We take cases in the Kansas City metro area and surrounding counties of Missouri and Kansas.

Kansas City Truck Crash Lawyers: Failure to Yield or Stop

We visit the crash site to see for ourselves and talk to witnesses. We can also bring in experts to reconstruct the events. Our team knows what clues to look for to prove that the trucker:

  • Ran a red light
  • Blew through a stop sign or yield sign
  • Pulled out into the path of an oncoming car
  • Turned left without yielding
  • Came down the freeway exit ramp too fast

We can prove liability if necessary, but we also shine in calculating full damages for the devastation caused by the truck driver's failure to stop or failure to yield. In the side-impact scenario of an intersection crash, the driver or passengers in the car are extremely vulnerable to truck weighing many tons. We have medical consultants on call to help assess the future needs when a truck accident results in catastrophic injury or death.

Failure to Stop — Missouri Attorneys Fighting for You

We won't stop until we have held the trucking company accountable for a preventable tragedy and maximized your compensation to the best of our ability. Call 816-421-6868 for a free consultation, including home or hospital visits.

Kansas City Dempsey and Kingsland Personal Injury Attorney Video

The attorneys at Dempsey & Kingsland handle personal injury cases. If you have been seriously injured, contact a lawyer in Kansas City, Missouri at 816.421.6868 or visit http://www.dempseyandkingsland.com

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