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Truck Accident Negligence: Following Too Close

Kansas City Attorneys for Tailgating Truck Crashes

Even at low speed, a rear-end collision from a large truck can cause severe injury. If the truck was going at all fast at impact, it probably caused permanent injuries or death.

The experienced truck accident lawyers of Dempsey & Kingsland, P.C., have held truck drivers accountable for the negligence of following too close. We strive to win maximum compensation for the fallout in our clients lives.

Contact us immediately if a family member was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer, commercial vehicle or bus. We offer a free consultation and take cases throughout the greater Kansas City area in Missouri and Kansas.

Truck Driver Negligence: Following Too Close

Tailgating is a traffic violation, but not strictly defined. In terms of a personal injury lawsuit for major injury or wrongful death, the standard is simple: was the truck driver inattentive or following too closely to avoid a collision?

According to the National Safety Council's Defensive Driving Course for Professional Truck Drivers, the stopping distance for an 80,000-pound (fully loaded) tractor-trailer is:

  • 100 feet at 30 mph
  • 426 feet at 60 mph
  • 525 feet at 65 mph

These figures assume a dry, level road. If you add ice, rain, loose gravel or an incline, it takes even greater distance to bring an 18-wheeler to a halt. These figures also assume that the trucker hits the brakes immediately and appropriately. Was the driver distracted by a cell phone? Did the driver have formal training in operating a tractor-trailer? Was the truck speeding prior to the crash? Has this driver been cited before for tailgating, driving too fast or causing other accidents?

Trial attorneys Lee Dempsey and Bob Kingsland each bring 25-plus years of experience to the investigation into liability and the calculation of compensable damages. Our physician and nurse consultants are also familiar with the typical injuries in rear-end crashes, namely the long-term needs of victims who suffered paralysis, broken vertebrae or other disabling back and neck injuries.

Kansas and Missouri Auto Collision Attorney

Call Dempsey & Kingsland at 816-421-6868 for a free consultation. We can visit the seriously injured or family representatives at home or hospital in the K.C. Metro area and beyond.

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The attorneys at Dempsey & Kingsland handle personal injury cases. If you have been seriously injured, contact a lawyer in Kansas City, Missouri at 816.421.6868 or visit http://www.dempseyandkingsland.com

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